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Wix Engineering Podcast. For developers, by Wix Engineering: Architecture, scaling, mobile and web development, management and more. The stories and the insights of our very own engineers, shoulder to shoulder, with some of the most prominent voices in the tech community.

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  1. [Wix Engineering Podcast] Platformization

    Platformization is technical, high-level work. But that doesn’t mean any talented developer can learn it like they would, say, a programming language. In fact, this kind of work is hardly about the technical details at all. When Dan Bar Shalom joined Wix, he became the second member of a two-man ...


  2. [Wix Engineering Podcast] QA Hundreds of Miles Away

    Yevheniia Hlovatska and Kateryna Chernikova are part of a QA team that was working remotely long before the pandemic. They collaborated across distances, in a lot of the new ways and using a lot of the new tools we’re using now, as part of our Covid-19 routine. They did it ...


  3. [Wix Engineering Podcast] Performance, Bundles and Headaches: Optimizing Your Code

    When members of his analytics team began noticing long load times in the Wix Dashboard, originally, Eyal Eizenberg wasn’t quite sure why. When taking a closer look at the code he realized what was wrong: a progress bar--a minor, largely superficial feature that happened to be weighing down the entire ...


  4. [Wix Engineering Podcast] The Race for Black Friday

    For consumers, Black Friday is a convenient time to get a good deal. For developers, it is a tsunami ready to take down everything in its path.    Every year, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, traffic to online shopping sites spikes three, four, five times over. Websites built to accommodate a certain ...


  5. [Wix Engineering Podcast] Onboarding through a Pandemic

    Onboarding during a pandemic is difficult. Hiring good people, making them feel welcome and integrating them into an organization structure is a nightmare when you can only communicate on Zoom calls and over Slack. No need to mention how crucial onboarding is impacting any company, but onboarding was also a challenge ...