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Wix Engineering Podcast. For developers, by Wix Engineering: Architecture, scaling, mobile and web development, management and more. The stories and the insights of our very own engineers, shoulder to shoulder, with some of the most prominent voices in the tech community.
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  1. [Wix Engineering Podcast] Breaking Down React Native

    For years mobile development teams split their talent between Android and iOS in a way that was costly, slow, and inefficient. Then, in 2015, Facebook developers came up with a cross-platform solution called React Native. In this episode we follow our Wix mobile engineering team as they adopt React Native ...


  2. [Wix Engineering Podcast] Crisis Mode: Building a Nationwide App During a Global Pandemic

     The world was devolving into panic, as COVID-19 tore through every country on Earth. That's when Yoav Abrahami received one of the most important assignments of his life: to build an app that would service the entire nation of Israel through its pandemic response.  The kicker? He ...


  3. [Wix Engineering Podcast] Outmatched: How Svelte Beats the Odds

    Nobody in their right mind would create a product to compete against Facebook and Google. Except for Richard Harris. In 2016 he released a new JavaScript framework to market, to stand alongside React and Angular. Failure was not only possible, but likely. What did he have up his sleeve?   Read the ...


  4. [Wix Engineering Podcast] Out of Your Comfort Zone

    Microservices are useful for medium-to-large companies that've evolved past all-in-one software solutions. But when you start stacking up 12, 100, 1,000 different microservices, it seems almost impossible to manage. To keep everything functional, you may just have to take drastic measures. Read the full episode transcript: https://www.wix.engineering/post/out-of-your-comfort-zone-e03-full-transcript ...


  5. [Wix Engineering Podcast] Growing Pains

    Ittai Zeidman, Wix’s Backend Engineering Lead, was in the hospital with his wife and two-days-old new born baby, when he got an urgent call from the company’s VP of R&D. A crisis was unfolding: the build system was broken, leaving hundreds of developers unable to do their work. This crisis ...